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How We Help: Distress, Divorce, & Foreclosure

Real Solutions for real estate challenges

Story time!!! Today, I am thrilled to share our first post in our case study series, which unveils the transformative power of strategic real estate solutions. Let me take you through the fascinating story of how we helped a recently divorced husband and wife overcome a pending foreclosure and sale their house in Grimesland, North Carolina.

It all began with a casual observation by one of our dedicated realtors during her daily commute. She noticed a seemingly vacant house, its yard vastly overgrown, silently signaling its neglect. Intrigued, she brought this off-market gem to our attention, knowing our expertise in revitalizing dilapidated properties that blight our communities.

Upon investigation, we discovered that one of the property’s owners was living 1500 miles away in Texas, completely unaware of the house’s abandonment by the husband, who she had divorced a year or two prior. Despite being listed on the deed and mortgage, the wife was blindsided by the situation, facing over $12,000 in late payments and penalties and the looming threat of foreclosure.

With time ticking, we swiftly contacted the husband, who surprisingly was still local and agreed to sell the home after abandoning it for 15 months. I’ll never forget during our initial inspection, we were greeted by an overpowering stench emanating from within, revealing the presence of pets and, according to the husband, actual pigs that roamed freely inside. Undeterred by the challenge, our team embraced the opportunity to turn this distressed property into a shining example of revitalization.

Despite some equity in the home, a cash offer didn’t align with our investment strategy and would not allow us to get the sellers the cash they wanted, considering the extensive $40,000 renovation required to address the pervasive odor and restore the property to its former glory. Instead, we proposed our innovative Deed Program, allowing us to leave the mortgage in place, catch up on arrears, and provide the sellers with equity/cash at closing.

By leveraging creative deal structures tailored to each unique situation, we not only solved the sellers’ financial and housing challenges but also embarked on a mission to transform this neglected property into a dream home for a deserving first-time homebuyer family.

We’re proud to announce that we had a quick closing on Mobleys Bridge, showcasing our ability to expedite the sales process and provide fast solutions for homeowners in need. Furthermore, we utilized the same realtor who brought us the deal to list the property, resulting in the ultimate win-win-win situation for all parties involved.

If you or someone you know is in a similar situation and needs to sell their house fast in North Carolina, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Let’s explore how we can turn your property challenges into success stories, together!

Stay tuned for more inspiring case studies showcasing our passion for real estate and our unwavering commitment to excellence!

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